What happened to the Reference collection?

We're glad you noticed! As the library moves into our next 100 years, we have re-evaluated the services we offer and what you, our patrons, are asking for. While we still offer reference services, a lot of information has been moved to digital platforms. So to keep up, we're making room for more computers. Don't worry though! We'll still have a "ready reference" collection available - a smaller collection of newer books that you are most likely to need while in the library.

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1. What sort of projects are we talking about?
2. Are you going to close my library?
3. Will you be doing projects in my community?
4. Where did the Bookmobile go?
5. If you are taking book shelves out, what are you replacing them with?
6. Are you removing books?
7. But I saw that you were taking barcodes out of some books; why is that?
8. Will we still be able to check out items?
9. What happened to the Reference collection?
10. Are you getting rid of services?
11. What about book sales? Will your project bring those back?
12. Why are you doing these projects? Is something changing?
13. How did you decide what changes to make?
14. I like the library the way it is; why does it need to change?
15. I have more questions about this project; who do I talk to?