How will I know when my hold is ready?

Staff will call you to schedule a time to pick up materials once they are ready.

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1. Which branches are available for curbside services?
2. How many items may I place on hold?
3. How long will it take for my hold to be ready?
4. How will I know when my hold is ready?
5. Can I pick up items at my local branch library that are available at other libraries?
6. Will I be able to pick up items that were already in transit from another library before the library closed?
7. Can I place a hold over the phone?
8. How long will my items remain on the hold shelf?
9. When will my items be due?
10. How do I return materials?
11. Can I drop off donated materials?
12. Do I need a library card?
13. What if I have mobility issues and cannot leave my vehicle?
14. What if I have fines or I’m over the checkout limit?
15. Will the library building be open?
16. What are you doing to protect the safety of patrons and library staff?
17. How long will this service be available?
18. Who is eligible for this service?
19. When will all in-person library services and full public access to library facilities resume?