Policy on Disruptive Behavior in the Library

The library is a public institution, and it must provide open access for all members of the community, however, the comfort of the majority of the patrons and staff must be given due consideration.

Disruptive Children

The library will make every effort for children to use the library without disrupting service to others. When disruptive behavior occurs the staff member will determine if the child's parent or guardian is in the building. Once supervision has been determined, the following procedures will be taken:

  1. For children (older than 6) who come to the library without adult supervision and are disruptive:
    1. Staff will politely, but firmly tell them they must stop the disruptive behavior (running, loudness, destruction, etc.) or they will be asked to leave.
    2. If disruptive behavior does not stop, the staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian and will require the child to leave the building.
    3. If the behavior is repeated, they may be asked to not return to the library for a specified amount of time.
  2. For children who come to the library with an adult but are not effectively supervised:
    1. Staff will politely, but firmly tell the adult that disruptive behavior must stop or they will not be permitted to use the library.
    2. If disruptive behavior continues staff may require the adult to remove the child(ren) from the library.
  3. Adults accompanying young children who cry for an unreasonably long time may be asked to remove children until they have quieted down.

This policy is displayed at the front desk and is available upon request. The policy is designed to ensure the right of every individual to use the library unless his or her behavior, or those in their care impinges on the right of other patrons to use the library.

Policy Adoption

This policy was adopted in 1995, revised April 1997, and reviewed May 15, 2007 with no revisions, by the Elko County Library Board of Trustees.