General Services

Books Express

Mybrary offers a books-by-mail program to home-bound or isolated residents. Postage is paid by the library for sending and returning books back to the library.

Book Sales

In addition to hosting special book sale events throughout the year, the Elko Mybrary maintains a permanent book sale, where withdrawn and donated items may be purchased for a nominal charge.

Community Postings

Local agencies and organizations may post their meeting agendas and other public notices at any Mybrary location. Postings may be mailed, faxed to 775-738-8262, or emailed to the Reference Librarian.

Copy Machine

Copy machines are available at most Mybrary locations for patron use. The library system abides by copyright law. It is the responsibility of patrons to review the material they are copying for legal limitations on the amount they may copy.

Copies are $0.15 per page.

Word Processing/Internet Computers

Computers for word processing and internet usage are available at most Mybrary locations. Public computers are free to use and accessible to all patrons. If a patron does not have a library card, they may ask staff for a guest pass.

Print jobs are $0.15 per page. (Single-sided, black and white only)