Internet Use

This policy applies to all users of the Mybrary Library System’s computers or networks.  If you have any questions about the policy or what it means, please contact a librarian for more information.

The Internet is a global collection of computer networks that connect thousands of computers all over the world.  The Library System cannot monitor all information on the Internet and therefore, cannot be held responsible for its content or accuracy.  The Internet is an unregulated medium and may contain inaccurate, obsolete, and/ or offensive material.  Violations of NRS 200.730 Possession of visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of person under 16 years of age unlawful; penalties; NRS 201.235 Definitions; and/or NRS 201.257 “Harmful to minors” defined, will be considered inappropriate use of the Internet resource. 

 Patrons agree to hold the Library System harmless and indemnify it against any and all claims or liabilities, directly or indirectly relating to their use of the Internet.  All Internet users will be expected to use this resource responsibly and in a way that is consistent with informational and educational purposes. 


The Library System’s mission is to provide the community with access to collections, resources, and services that enhance educational, cultural, and informational needs. 

CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) Compliance

To the extent practical, technology protection measures (or “Internet filters”) shall be used on library devices to block or filter Internet access, or other forms of electronic communications, to inappropriate information, as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Blocking shall be applied to visual depictions of material deemed obscene or child pornography, or to any material deemed harmful to minors.

Subject to staff supervision, technology protection measures may be disabled for adults or, in the case of minors, minimized only for bona fide research or other lawful purposes. Procedures for the disabling or otherwise modifying any technology protection measures shall be the responsibility of the Library Director or their designee.
No Internet filter is 100% effective and library staff cannot act In Loco Parentis. Parents/guardians are responsible for the Internet behavior of their minor children. The Library System will comply with the requirements of Children’s Internet Protection Act while upholding the constitutional and legal rights to privacy and confidentiality of their patrons.


  1. All Internet users must read and accept the internet use agreement at the start of every internet session. In the case that the computers do not allow for an electronic agreement, users will be required to sign an Internet use agreement prior to obtaining an Internet Use card (Agreement attached to policy).  All internet users under the age of 18 will require that a parent or guardian sign an Internet Use Agreement. Children under the age of 8 should have a responsible computer user accompany them during their use of the Internet.  As with all materials in the Library, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.  For further information on guiding usage, refer to “Child Safety on the Information Highway”. Print copies are available upon request. The Library System can neither verify the accuracy of nor control the content of sources found on the Internet.
  2. Library staff will assist patrons with Internet use as time permits but cannot offer individual instruction.  Library staff may not always be familiar with the specific program being used.  The responsibility of successful computing lies with the user.
  3. While the Library System will take reasonable and prudent measures to protect the privacy of patrons using the internet computers, the Library System cannot guarantee privacy for Internet users.  Sites visited on the Internet by any user may remain in the browser history for at least twenty-four hours.  A patron’s right to privacy and confidentiality is difficult to maintain due to public location of the Internet terminals.
  4. The Library’s Internet connection may be periodically and temporarily inoperable due to technical difficulties.  Computing speed may also be affected by a variety of factors beyond the Library's control.  The Library cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties.
  5. Use of the Internet is a privilege not a right.  Any inappropriate use in violation of this policy will result in cancellation of your Internet privileges.
  6. The Library System retains the right to change the provisions contained in this policy at any time. 


  • Use is made available on first come, first served basis.  There is a time limit of 60 minutes per session and no more than 3 sessions in one day.  Users may continue their session if no one else is waiting to use the resource.  Users are expected to terminate sessions in the allotted time.  
  • In the event there is high demand on the use of computers, users may be asked to move after one session. They will have the option of getting “in line” to use the computers later that day if time becomes available. 
  • The library’s computing resources are primarily designed for informational and educational use and not communication.  Personal use of e-mail may not infringe on use of the resource for information and research. 
  • Users may not use Library computers to install, run, or access their own software or programs not already installed on the Libraries computers.  
  • Use of the system for any commercial, illegal, or criminal purpose is not permissible. 
  • Printing costs are $.15 per page (single-sided, black and white). 
  • Use of games, chat rooms, or newsgroups are not permitted. 
  • Materials on the network may be subject to copyright laws.  Any responsibility for any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user. 
  • Users may not turn on or reboot computers without staff assistance. Users may not disconnect any cabling from computers (such as power or Ethernet cords) without staff assistance.

Revised September 16, 2008
Revised February 18, 2020
Mybrary Board of Trustees